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Residential Products & Services

Stunning residential gardens that enhance a home's curb appeal are never a fluke—experienced home gardeners know that improving soil quality to help drainage and promote healthy plant growth are the keys to transforming planting beds into showstopping landscapes.

RC Topsoil's organic compost and superior topsoil are specifically geared for the home gardener. Our ecologically responsible blend of manure, leaves, food waste and grass will add the essential organic matter your garden beds need to grow abundant flowers, strong trees, healthy shrubs, and delicious organic produce.

For our residential customers, RC's pulverized topsoil is especially good for planting large trees and sod, berms, septic field and other fill needs. We also supply clay fill for foundation repair, berms and other back fill excavating projects.

Call us at (847) 382-SOIL (7645) for more information. RC Topsoil accepts MasterCard and Visa; a small surcharge will be applied.

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